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Editorial & Learning Services

My approach to superior-quality EDITING does not necessitate the counting of words or documents to prove my value proposition for your writing and publishing goals. My approach to architecting experiences and conducting research in Game-Based Learning (GBL) has positioned me as a significant thought leader in the field.


As a recognized Fellow of the Business Excellence Institute, my contributions to the academy, executive and leadership development, teamship, research, and entrepreneurship over the past 50 years have afforded me numerous writing and scholarship awards.  ​

About GameDoc



Michael J. D. Sutton PhD, CMC, FBEI, MIT is an Innovative Author, Coach, Mentor, Entrepreneur, Knowledge Scientist, and Researcher. 

Michael was a seasoned manager and executive with 35+ years of business and entrepreneurial experience in management, systems, and educational consulting, before pursuing his doctorate at McGill University in Montreal, Quebec, Canada, at 50 years old. Michael independently coaches and mentors authors, writers, researchers, and entrepreneurs.

Michael established FUNIFICATION to make writing, authoring, and gameplay three essential competencies.




As an Edupreneur, Michael enjoys initiating and supporting dissertation and thesis research, professional and academic writing, and editing manuscripts and texts on a broad range of topics. In the learning engineering area, Michael excels at gamification, serious gaming, active learning, experiential learning, GBL, and simulations. 

New authors and writers seek out his Editorial Services. Instructors and professors seek out his learning services. 

One of Michael’s primary goals was to facilitate and expose his coachees and mentees to new techniques for scholarly publishing, leadership and teamship development, entrepreneurship, sensemaking, decision-making, innovative thinking, design thinking, creativity, co-creation, cooperation, and collaboration. 




Over the last 50+ years, Michael has been engaged to support:

  • learning engineering initiatives; 

  • innovative teaching, evaluation, and assessment methods;

  • a range of assignments in the fields of

    • knowledge management; 

    • leadership, teamship, and entrepreneurship development; 

    • artificial intelligence; 

    • business and government intelligence; 

    • information sciences projects; 

  • game based learning;

  • experiential learning;

  • professional book editing, publishing, and printing.​


“In his compelling book [Emotify!], Dr. Michael Sutton … walks us through the moment when those at the forefront of education and training knew without doubt that a disruptive value proposition for learning had to be created and deployed. ... [B]alancing research with extraordinary pragmatic experience, [he] helps us understand how learning comes about when an emotional connection is made and why gameplay is a powerful means to make that connection, giving a better return on learning than any other approach.” —Eliane Alhadeff, Serious Games Market Editor

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