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Presentations (1)

  • Future Application of Game-Based Learning as a Platform for Reflective Learning Associated with Entrepreneurship Education in the MENA Region – Innovation within Entrepreneurship Education. The Future of Higher Education in MENA towards Achieving Agenda 2030, World Association for Sustainable Development, February 2021.

  • Phenomenological Approach to Applying Reflective Journaling to Experiential Learning— From Spiritual Reflection to Game-Based Educational Experiences, University of Essex-Kaplan University Symposium on Alternative Education // Educational Alternatives, September 2020.

  • A Game-Based Learning Initiatives: The Emergent Role of the Transformation Agent, Turkey Gamification Summit, April 2020.

  • Game-Based Learning--Language of the Future for Overcoming Complexity, Learning Technologies Conference, Jan-Feb. 2018, London, UK.

  • The FLIGBY Simulation: Virtual Reality for Building Flow and Flow-based Leadership Competencies, International Serious Play Conference, July 2017, Washington, DC.

  • Virtual Reality for Constructing Flow and Flow-based Leadership: The FLIGBY Simulation Experience, International Business Learning Games Competition Conference, The Business Excellence Institute [Ireland], Sept. 2017, Lisbon, Portugal.

  • Emotional Intelligence, (not Artificial Intelligence) in the Data Sciences, Indiana University, Featured Departmental Seminars, Bloomington, January 2017

  • Gamification in Knowledge Management Initiatives (Presentation): Serious Games – Knowledge Acquisition, Codification, and Sharing (Workshop), Knowledge Management Australia 2015 Conference, Melbourne, Australia

  • Faculty Game Facilitator & Funification Motivator, Texas A&M University, Nov. 2015, Texarkana, TX and Mohave Community College, Nov. 2014, Lake Havasu City, AZ.

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