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Book Project


Book Title: Quarry Regulatory Control and Permitting: Defending the Foundation of a Sustainable Society.


Book Description: The quarry permitting process can be unpredictable and often includes the need to defend the quarry industry as a whole and against claims that quarrying is unregulated.  Such claims overlook the estimated 20,000 pages of environmental rules, regulations and associated documents that apply to quarry operations and ignore the fact that quarrying is an ancient essential and sustainable industry.

This book addresses the regulatory control and oversight of the quarry industry and the potential economic, environmental, safety and health impacts.  Property values is a unique economic and societal issue that is also addressed in detail.

The target audience includes federal and state lawmakers and the local decision makers that in many states influence or issue the permits to operate: City Councils, Town Planning Commissions, Town Boards, County Zoning Agencies, County Land Use Management Committees, and many others. 

Author: Mark Krumenacher.
Mark is a Licensed and Certified Professional Geologist in several states and Senior Vice President of GZA GeoEnvironmental, Inc. where he has been employed for 33 years after earning a BS and MS in Geology and Geophysics from the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee.  Mark’s career has involved all aspects of nonmetallic mining throughout the United States and elsewhere and the coordination of work within a broad range of disciplines.  

Chapter Project

Chapter Title: Internal–External Leadership Model in the Post-COVID-19, Digital VUCA World


Book Title: Leadership after COVID-19. Future of Business and Finance. Springer.


Chapter Description: In this chapter, the authors will present an innovative leadership model that builds upon a framework for repackaging a proven Swiss Army Knife of tools to approach digitized workplaces affected by COVID-19 and the VUCA (volatility, uncertainty, complexity, and ambiguity) ecosystem our world has been thrust toward. Today our organizations are challenged to improve creativity, originality, initiative, innovation, critical thinking, and complex problem-solving. We will trigger new insights into how to foster these competencies and flourish in a world undergoing dramatic transformations. Leaders in the post COVID-19, VUCA world require a different mindset than those of the Third Industrial Revolution, which is achievable by applying our proposed framework of techniques in the Internal Leadership model. The tools of the External Leadership model, on the other hand, could support leaders in building rapport and gaining authenticity and credibility within the Fourth Industrial Revolution, making them able to inspire and empower their communities. We bring it together within the proposed Internal–External Leadership Model. 


Authors: Sonia Lang & Michael Sutton

Book Editors: Satinder K. Dhiman & Joan F. Marques

Book Project


Book Title: Emotify!: The Power of the Human Element in Game-Based Learning, Serious Games and Experiential Education. FL: EIGAMES LLC.

Book Description: An Active Learning Eco-System is built upon a foundation for learning that rivals the passive approach that has been constraining us for so many centuries. We must progress from “listen to me” to “learning by doing,” with appropriate facilitation and coaching by an instructor. The book’s authors discovered this new vision a long time ago. However, the worlds of education and training were not prepared for disruptive educators and disruptive builders of new learning environments. Because of the global increase in complexity and uncertainty, our quest is to commence developing an entrepreneurial mindset among all students, players, learners, faculty, teachers, instructors, and staff. Each of us will introduce an abbreviated outline of our learning journeys and quests as learning stories to help situate and create a context for what you will explore and discover in this book.


The book is not about us, but we do have two narratives to convey that might facilitate your relating better to the content of the book. The remaining chapters are not about us; they encompass how to successfully identify, research, sell, deploy, and assess game-based learning within your workspace. We promise that the readers will acquire enough knowledge and practical advice to launch their own game-based learning initiative. We would benefit a great deal in hearing about your successes and failures.

Authors: Michael Sutton & Kevin Allen

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