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Editorial Services


Because I exhibit lifelong learning competencies within my work life, I have energized and strengthened an international range of undergraduate, graduate, and doctoral learners; professors, educators, and researchers; and professionals. I coach and mentor my clients to passionately write clearly and precisely within the context of their academic and professional work.

From planning to publication, my professional editorial services will support your goal of becoming recognized for your ideas and knowledge. I have been credentialed as a Certified Educational Coach from a range of educational and leadership organizations. Success and recognition for excellent writing is an achievement to be proud of. However, being detail oriented and exceptionally thorough in developing a manuscript and final, high-quality publication requires a skill set that may not be in your current writer’s toolbox. That is why my services can help you progress.


My Editing and Proofreading Services range from developmental editing and copy editing to final proofreading and fact-checking of your reference formats. You can focus on the creative process while my services revise the writing and provide critical and constructive feedback. I can even provide an initial editorial critique so you can determine how much of an investment you will need to make to bring your manuscript up to a standard for publication in your target journal or conference proceedings, or a book publisher, or submission to your dissertation/thesis advisor.

My services focus on non-fiction, trade, and professional books; dissertations and theses; blogs and whitepapers; as well as academic journal and business magazine articles. You can engage me at any stage of the writing and publication process, from a manuscript proposal or first DRAFT, through the rewriting and revising processes, to finalizing the manuscript, submitting it for publication, responding to reviewers’ comments, developing an index, and even self-publishing/printing if that is your choice for the work. 

I will invest the time required to understand your arguments; help organize the manuscript; review the writing for clarity, stylistic and mechanical issues; ensure consistency and provide a critical assessment; correct spelling and grammar errors; check for tone; and convey supportive and constructive feedback for improvements. I used MS-Word Track Changes to help you understand the suggested amendments and permit you to accept/reject the proposed improvements. You make the final decision on how you want your work to look.


Depending upon the current state of your manuscript and the service you wish to engage me in, I can work on an hourly basis or a project basis. My hourly rate will depend upon the service requested (i.e., developmental editing, copy/line editing, proofreading, etc.); but could range between $40 and $125/hour.


A project rate would help reduce the overall hourly rate since you are committing to an extended engagement. The project rate would be determined by the editing type, document type, project duration, and my participation level in the book manuscript, book chapter, journal article, magazine article, blog, whitepaper, or conference paper.

Learning Services


I can architect and deliver face-to-face (F-2-F) workshops and online learning experiences encompassing experiential exercises, elearning activities, online and analogue serious games, simulations, role-playing, and immersive virtual environments that increased both workplace and academic engagement, performance, and retention. 


  • VISION: Transform and engineer learning into applied, actionable knowledge through serious games, simulations, and immersive learning environments.

  • CRITICAL MISSION: Build engagement and retention within the range of generations encompassed by Baby Boomers, Gen X, Y, Z, and Millennials who find themselves hampered by bland and mediocre workspaces or university learning spaces totally devoid of cognitive, emotional, and behavioral engagement.


  • GOAL (1): Build capacity for the acquisition of “sticky knowledge” and soft skills in a fun, playful, experiential learning environment.

  • GOAL (2): Deploy invigorated learning and knowledge exchange/transfer through games and sims, directly impacting the brain's neuro-receptors and helping reinforce new personal behavior patterns.

  • GOAL (3): Construct opportunities for capacity building of emotional intelligence skills in learners or workers.


It all depends. I will support you in scoping the initiative in order to obtain the highest quality service and learning outcomes for the most economical fee.

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